fingerprints not transferable?

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fingerprints not transferable?

Post  CKeller on Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:16 pm

My husband has been offered a two week substitute assignment in a Detroit area school district that is a PCMI district. For the most part, he takes assignments through PESG, and already has prints/background check on file with PESG. PESG is willing and able to release its prints/background check information to the new school district.

The new school district told my husband today that it would not accept PESG's records and that he must be fingerprinted again. The reason they gave was that if there is a problem (such as an arrest or criminal matter), the new district would not find out about the incident from PESG.

Is this reasonable explanation? To be fingerprinted again (this will be the fourth time) will cost another $50 and another day off work.

Another question is how long will it take for the new fingerprints to reach the HR department of the new district? The two week assignment is supposed to start this Friday, and it does not seem there is enough time to complete the fingerprinting, drug tests, and other requirements (all of which we are paying for.)

Although we understand and appreciate the importance of screening job applicants, it is not making sense to be fingerprinted over and over again, taking time and money each time.

Thanks for any insight you can give.


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